** aBouT mOi **


!! my pEt !!

dO you wAnt oNe tOo ?

** fRiEndZ **

my big bro
jIa yIng
yUe jIa

wEsT sPriNg sEc
mR CooL
wAn Qi
mR (RA)
wEsT sPriNg bLoG

soLomOn cLass

huI tIng
pEi jOo
yI nIng

@ piG-iO's pLusHieS @

drAgoNitE wAs loNely.. so tOtOdiLe came to keep her company.. and they are now fRenZ..

?! tAg-gy !?

~ mY cUttiE bLoB ~

AiN' iT aDorAbLe??

* Saturday, September 11, 2010 *

i have decided to let go.

LittLepiG-iO @ 10:05 AM

* Friday, May 07, 2010 *

i guess blogs are still the best place to spill out one's feelings.. incapable facebook is of this purpose..

now i know why it is always the girl who is incapable of letting go of a relationship.. i guess girls get emotionally attached easily ? well, in the past, i simply labelled the girl as a weakling..

have you seen Big Bang's "Last Farewell" MV ?
i was like the guy.. having two identities.. but in terms of feelings, i was like the girl.. "cant get over it"..

the old prideful sharon would have said to the new sharon "you should have known better"..

o yes now i do.. and at least there is a close to the chapter..

anyway with the heavy workload, i have long been back to normal =)

LittLepiG-iO @ 8:10 PM

* Tuesday, November 17, 2009 *


my last few hours being 20.. hahaha..

firstly, regarding the previous post.. dont get too emotional over it yar ? have you realised that i have been blogging more when i am in spore.. well, simply because, i have been home alone so i have no one to "talk to".. so i think "more" and express the concerns on this blog.. hahaa.. but all is fine yar..

secondly, MY NAILS ARE dark metallic BLUE !!!!!!! hehe.. went to get my nails done with lao pos.. hehe..

just a while ago, i was wondering how is a 21 year-old girl suppose to behave ? and i came to a conclusion, just because i am 21, it doesnt mean i have to act like one right ?

like what grace and ally said, we can be versatile and simply act appropriately depending on the occasion or event..

LittLepiG-iO @ 10:57 PM

* Monday, November 16, 2009 *


this is home.. truely.. where i know i must be..

its great to be back in spore.. (Except for the weather).. i could practically "paste" tissues on my face.. lovely to finally see my dear solomon knights in person..

so we discussed about wednesday.. well, the booked me from morning to evening.. and in the evening shall spend time with parents.. mum say we could go out for dinner.. since there is no need for her to organise party.. haha.. of course i placed restrictions on the choice of dinner.. no western, no italian, no bla bla bla..

(random thought) sometimes i wonder if i have the strength or courage or maybe even "what it takes" to be who i am or who i want to be..

you know what.. whenever i come back to singapore, i feel like an oversized giant.. to be honest.. i admit that i am bigger in size.. but.. o nevermind.. since it is my issue.. i have to deal with it myself right ??.. but you know what, i want to wear my high heels soooo badly.. but i cant.. people give me the eye.. like what is your prob ? you mean people cant be taller and bigger ?

sometimes i wonder, do i have to even care ? i have all right to be whoever i want to be.. right ?

i remember a chick flick once said "why try so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out ?"..

i am not saying i am a superstar.. but i would like to be given the courtesy or respect..

you know what.. maybe i should not care about how others judge me..

my life is complicated as it is already..

and i say to myself "welcome back to singapore"..

LittLepiG-iO @ 11:20 AM

* Saturday, November 14, 2009 *


eXam countdown: 0 more to gO.. NO MORE exams !!! yipppeeee...

gang outing: yummy food !!

big pack-up day: dONe !!

sPore countdown: tODAY !!

big celebration: 4 days

as i walked out of my room, i turned around only to see an empty room..

i sighed..

i felt a "bigger" sense of achievement.. for i have completed my 3rd year of university..

and it was the summer holidays..

miss piggy is flying home in a few hours..

muacks muacks..

LittLepiG-iO @ 8:37 AM

* Friday, November 13, 2009 *


eXam countdown: 0 more to gO.. NO MORE exams !!! yipppeeee...

gang outing: yummy food !!

big pack-up day: almost there..

sPore countdown: 1 day

big celebration: 5 days

arh~~ i am flying off tomorrow..

since tiff is flying too, her cousin is giving us a lift =)

today.. creston had movie dinner.. we had pizza for pizzahut.. and after the movie, there was a mini celebration !! i didnt know.. hehe.. so happy.. my first 21st bday cake.. babypig was in the photo too.. hehe.. shall bring back and read the messages on the actual day itself..

i shall sleep now.. nitez =)

LittLepiG-iO @ 10:19 PM

* Thursday, November 12, 2009 *


eXam countdown: 0 more to gO.. NO MORE exams !!! yipppeeee...

gang outing: today !!

big pack-up day: 1 day

sPore countdown: 2 days

big celebration: 6 days

i cant believe that i am done with my finals.. meaning.. that i have completed my THIRD year of university !!!! o my goodness ~~

lets not talk about the paper.. it was like homework.. the paper is right before you and you do not want to do it but you have to..

afterwhich, had poporo dinner with kim, joo, tiff, lissan in the city.. yum yum.. initially we wanted to sing karoake.. but the timing was not right.. so instead we went to play arcade !! hehe.. driving cars, basketball etc.. hehe.. had fun =) next was neoprint.. hahahaa.. dropped by coles before coming back to creston..

next task ahead => pack up tomorrow..

but but.. some are going shopping tomorrow morning.. i may join them.. hehehee.. =) =)

LittLepiG-iO @ 10:07 PM

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